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transitional kitchen 2018 trends Montgomery Co MD

Fundamentally, transitional style is all about balancing traditional and contemporary elements to achieve an elegant style that doesn’t feel too stuffy or minimalist.

Using Cabinets in a Transitional Kitchen

Shaker cabinets transitional kitchen Montgomery Co MD

Shaker style cabinets are just the right style of cabinet to use when considering how to remodel your kitchen in the NEW trends for 2018. Balancing traditional and contemporary elements find harmony with this style cabinet mainly because the doors and drawers typically have a flat panel in the middle with a raised flat border at the edges without any fancy edges or curved molding; providing a more minimalist flat-front cabinet without it feeling fussy. Most Shaker styles use wood tones, but you can achieve a nice balance of old and new when they are painted in a crisp, contemporary shade. Using white instantly makes any space feel more spacious and gives a feeling of freshness. SEE SOME OF OUR IDEAS

It's Not Strictly Minimalist...

transitional kitchens by AC Remodeling Montgomery Co MD

While white seems to be a common element, it is usually mixed with grays, woods, some enticing metallics and other neutrals and some textural elements for a friendly palette. Dark and charcoal grays are quite popular as well.

If you are looking for a bit more color, blue and blue-grays make a perfect hue combination for fixed elements like cabinets or floor tiles. You can use broad strokes of color to help with wood to bring in some much needed texture, so it’s very common to see a transitional kitchen with wood floors, wood bar stools and even butcher block counters.

transitional kitchens by AC Remodeling Montgomery Co MD

Wood accents in your kitchen can bring out your style and add just the right amount of texture. You might consider it as a framing piece for an area of the ceiling. Texture can be added using a lightly flecked or veined marble or quartz to bring in a mature sensibility that gets away from the dark heavy use of this element in earlier kitchens. Tile is a big element to consider for texture in your kitchen and one of the best and becoming popular again is subway tile. You can make your subway tile have different characters with off-white grout or a darker accent tone.These humble white subway tile can provide a timeless touch of elegance plus simplicity, that allows your overall design to have just a bit of texture without being over powering.

Image courtesy of Houzz


Image used courtesy of Houzz

Transitional kitchens are especially interesting with stainless steel appliances. They offer that special look of a professional chef’s-kitchen while integrating modern features into a somewhat traditional setting. You might want to place a different touch of the “gold look” for something completely modern. BRASS is in…Brass has recently become a very popular finish for transitional kitchen accents. It brings a touch of golden glamour and warmth to a space in a more subdued tone.

Pendant Lighting

Lighting is so important in your kitchen and your lighting can make a statement, too. Splurge a little...let your pendant lighting be a focal point over your main preparation area. Two or three pendant lights can add drama as well as great light. See some of our kitchens.

Make A Statement With a Column Refrigerator
Have you ever dreamed of having a custom, built-in refrigerator? The column refrigerator is right up your alley. Built-in refrigerators give the home kitchen a seamless, contemporary appearance that enhances the transitional kitchen and it is easily customizable. Unlike traditional built-in side-by-side refrigeration, column units allow you to pair any size refrigerator column with any size freezer column.

Image used courtesy of AJ Madison

AC Remodeling recommends column refrigerators when customizing your new kitchen. The options are endless.

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