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How many times have looked at your laundry room and said to yourself,” this is a mess, or this laundry room needs more of this…”?

Is there anything more satisfying then cleaning up the clutter and re-organizing your spaces so they actually work for you?

Many homeowners want to keep their homes tidy and neat, but if you have lived in a home for more than 5-10 years the chances are there is a lot disorganization in your pantry, laundry room and probably in every closet in your house, too.

Sometimes getting organized means getting rid of a lot of stuff, but it can also mean just getting a better design in your pantry, closets or laundry room. And these are not the only spaces that can use a redesign of storage space. Your kitchen and bathrooms could use a bit redesigning as well.

Here are some ideas that AC Remodeling can help you with when planning new remodeling and renovations to your home.

Boring Pantry in your Kitchen:

See the Before & After of this Pantry.

images were courtesy of:

Staying on top of grocery shopping can be a difficult task, especially when you have a disorganized or dysfunctional pantry. Here is an idea for redesigning a pantry for better use. Baskets and containers, labeled help organization a lot.

Even though this kitchen closet offered plenty of space, it was a place that the homeowner avoided at all costs due to its sheer blandness.

If your pantry looks a lot like this one then you’ll be surprise what a little redesign can do to improve it a lot, and make it easier to use after you have planned for the storage.

AC Remodeling can help you with lots of great helpful ideas to make your new kitchen remodel really improve your organization at the same time.

Is Your Kitchen Packed Already?

Sometimes just rethinking your storage needs helps to improve your overall feeling in your kitchen. This homeowner decided that getting rid of objects that were not used much or nearly not at all helped to make this kitchen more organized for working in it daily.

If your kitchen is small already, adding a baker’s rack in your work space may not be the best use of your floor space.

AC Remodeling understands the need for more storage in your kitchen. We can turn any unused area in your kitchen into stylish useable space. Below you can see we added storage around the refrigerator. This allowed for much more storage then the too small, over crowded pantry.

AC Remodeling can turn your OLD kitchen into more useable space with lots more cabinet space within your same kitchen without knocking out walls. There are lots of new ways to make the same space work better for your kitchens.

What About Your Closet Space….?

Chances are when your house was built the single rod and single shelving was installed. That may have worked back then but most people find this type of closet difficult to live with. Everything gets crowded on one level and most of the time there is really not enough space to hang your clothing properly. AC Remodeling can help you make your closet seem to have more space while not actually tearing out any walls. But you can also turn a small room that is no longer needed for the original use into a lovely modern dressing room.

Here’s an example of reorganizing an old closet to better fit your lifestyle and now it holds everything in that same space without crowding.

Here is a completely new idea for transforming a small room into a wonderful dressing room.

Keep all these ideas in mind for your next home improvement project and if you are planning a home improvement project call AC Remodeling. We have done lots of these storage ideas in both kitchens and bathrooms. See some of our design work in our gallery now.

on July 30, 2018

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