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The most popular colors for kitchens in 2018 are combination of white and gray with stainless steel. While white and gray are appearing in nearly all new construction you can achieve the same effect with your own style and still keep a bit of color.

Trends for Smart Kitchens
While you may see very colorful appliances and high-tech gadgets for kitchen the trend for wall color is gray and white. But there are some trends that have caught on very quickly with homeowners that are freshly remodeling their kitchens and the biggest of these trends is the column refrigerator.

Separate refrigerator and freezer units allow homeowners to reconfigure and customize their kitchens with more or less freezer space or special units for different food groups. A study done with professional kitchen and bath designers shows that 55% of professional kitchen designers say refrigerator columns is the trendiest item in kitchens. More than 75 percent of designers say homeowners want separate wine refrigerators. The latest kitchen trend is refrigerators and freezers sold in separate columns that can be customized for each kitchen.

Connected kitchens are definitely trending but some homeowners are bit slower to jump into these trends. Smart appliances with automatic shut-off, or an alert systems will become increasingly important for elderly people adjusting their homes to better meet their physical needs, or aging in place.

Column refrigerator install MD

Among the smart options for appliances are refrigerators with cameras and an app; allowing you to see the contents of the refrigerator when you’re at the grocery store, and a refrigerator with an LCD panel with a menu of apps that can function as a command control for family messages.

The most popular trends are the Voice-activated controls that adjust lights or play music or look for a recipe while performing tasks in the kitchen.

We need more storage…The biggest desire for homeowners remodeling a kitchen is generally to get more storage and declutter counter space. Homeowners are updating their cabinets with things like pullout recycling baskets, cookie sheet organizers, revolving corner trays, and pullout trays and shelves. Kitchens with a new island are offering a lot more control over storage with extra drawers in the island and spice racks incorporated into drawers.

Kitchen Storage remodeling MD

White-Gray Kitchen Color Trend 2018

An emerging trend is adding a bit more color to the white and gray kitchens with Appliances and fixtures in brass, copper and gold finishes look elegant and not outdated. Some bold appliance colors like cobalt blue or orange are becoming popular. The good thing about these is that they have a simple panel to exchange the front for a different color in the future.

Black stainless-steel with a matte finish was a major trend as a challenge to the popularity of traditional stainless steel. It’s smudge-resistant, which makes it really appealing to families with children.

Older homeowner often plan to stay in their homes longer, so they’re more willing to play around with color for a unique look, especially with a back splash or wall color.

AC Remodeling is up-to-date on all the trends and be happy to help you plan and discuss your upcoming remodeling project.

Which of these trends are you considering for your updated kitchen or bathroom?

Trends for Smart Bathrooms
The key that is changing design now in bathroom and kitchen is being driven by innovations in technology and the desire for low-maintenance living.

Homeowners still want attractive design even when using the popular colors of gray and white and Master bathrooms are among the most popular spaces to renovate. A renovated master bathroom is among the most important features for home buyers.

Smart toilets are now available in every price range and include features such as an integrated bidet, built-in cleaning functions and night lights for safety which is both a luxury item and a feature to help people age-in-place. Another popular feature is the self-cleaning toilet, one that mists the bowl before and after each use to cut cleaning time in half and the new wall-hung toilets that make it easier to clean under and around the toilet. With the right amount of space some homeowners desire a return to the “water-closet” form of toilet in a separate space again.

Some features you can retro-fit an existing toilet with an LED night light, an automated sensor to open and close the lid, and a cleanser that iodizes the bowl to reduce the need for cleaning. You can even buy toilets with seat warmers, plus some with adjustable heights.

Smart toilet installed MD

Barn door designs have been around for a while now, but have recently been seen in bathrooms, too. They are efficient and provide easy access to the room, they don’t swing out or in; these doors use less space and don’t trap anyone behind the door. It is streamline and doesn’t look like some usual design; they’re actually a practical safety mechanism that consumers are adopting.

If your master bathroom is spacious you might want to consider a return to a large soaking tub that is separate like a piece of sculpture in your bathroom; free-standing tubs are trendy and this will also allow for a standing shower.

Barn Door design for bathrooms 2018

We’ll tell you next time about all the innovations in voice command tools for your bathroom.

AC Remodeling is up-to-date with all new technology installations and strives to provide high-quality, expert home renovations for families in Maryland's DC metro area.

on August 30, 2018

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