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Our team closely follows the latest trends and best products to deliver the top-notch custom remodeling services our customers expect. Two of the biggest bathroom remodeling trends we have noticed in recent years are the demand for watertight showers and the use of technologically advanced bathroom fixtures.

Waterproof Showers:

It is very important to waterproof your shower as backer boards, cement boards, sealers, and grouts are not waterproof. If showers are not waterproof, water will linger in certain areas and cause mold to build up. Waterproof showers not only keep your bathroom looking clean by preventing mold and mildew, but they also extend the life of your shower system. AC Remodeling's bathroom projects use a 100% waterproof shower system on the walls and floor. Our preferred system is the Schluter-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT, which contains all of the components necessary to create a fully waterproof and vapor-tight shower.

Best-in-Class Fixtures:

The AC Remodeling team selects bathroom fixtures that not only use the latest technology, but that are reliable and high-quality. We recommend the brands Hansgrohe, Grohe, and Toto when choosing fixtures for your bathroom. Specifically, we recommend the following fixtures for our bathroom projects:

  • Toto Toilets Washlet: Toto toilets are top of the line. Their features include heated seats, rear cleansing, sensors, remote controls, and other luxuries that make this brand a favorite among our customers.
  • Delta Touch20 Faucets: Similar to American Standard’s touchless flush technology, these faucets have sensing capabilities that allow you to turn on the faucet just by placing your hands near it.
  • Hansgrohe Shower Technology: This shower fixture offers push button on/off controls for maximum ease and comfort.

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on December 08, 2017

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