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Transform a Basement into a Room or Rooms

Remodeling your basement can be a big undertaking but in some homes it’s possible to nearly double the usable square footage. You can create this space from the ground up and see some amazing benefits.

Unlocking more square footage: Basements generally have a lot of space and depending on the size of your home adding an extra basement room could impact its resale value as well as give you more living space.

Designing Your Basement

An unfinished basement is a blank slate:Depending on the size of your basement you can include an entertainment room, another bedroom or even just a recreation room or sitting room. If you’ve ever wanted more space in your home finishing your basement is an excellent move.

Increasing your resale value: While it could be a larger initial cost versus a remodeling project like a bathroom, your family will live well in this space. Ultimately, a finished basement often impacts the resale value of your home.

Greater efficiency and comfort: Adding carpet and insulation into your basement is a great way that you can save money on your heating and cooling bills. Having a livable space in your basement can actually end up saving you some money. In warm weather you’ll save even more money on air-conditioning costs.

As you plan your next remodel, learn how we work: Our Process. Then contact us at (240) 632-1660 to get started on transforming your basement into a wonderful functional space!

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