20 Bright and Modern Boys Bathroom Ideas

Are you planning a home remodeling project for your growing family and want to create a welcoming yet functional boy’s bathroom? Does your current home need a bathroom update, and do you want to design a special place for the boys? Look no further! We’ve put together several ideas that can give you some inspiration.

What To Consider Before Designing Your Child’s Bathroom

Bathroom remodels are an investment that can enhance your home’s value, and you’ll want to consider materials that are timely, durable, and functional.

Designing a space that can grow with your boys is essential, so consider backgrounds that can be updated with art and accessories that will grow with them and welcome them home as adults.

Your boys may be young, but you can design a bathroom that grows with them. Creating a bathroom for boys can be efficient yet have playful accessories, and storage space, and incorporate bright colors that inspire and make them feel comfortable. Consider high-quality faucets that can withstand the roughness of boys.

If you do it right, your boys will look forward to spending time on their daily hygiene routines.

Our Best Boys Bathroom UpFront

Our top pick upfront is “Little Bosses” Boys Bathroom. Built with outstanding design elements, your kids will enjoy their freedom and have a great time playing with each other. The bathroom provides a sense of ownership to little boys.

Inspirational Boys Bathroom Ideas Update

Avoid installing toilets or sinks for little boys that you will have to replace as they grow. Instead, install adult-size fixtures and create platforms or steps that can be removed as the boys grow.

Also, be careful when designing your kid’s bathroom because sharp edges on sinks and shower cabins can be dangerous for active kids who like to play while bathing, washing hands, or brushing their teeth.

In addition, the bathroom design should match your kid’s personality as it significantly impacts their creativity and physical and mental development. Not all bathrooms are created equal, meaning the quality of showers, sinks, and toilets is crucial.

When designing the bathroom for kids, remember that they will outgrow the design fast, and you will need to redesign it. However, if you are creating it for a teen, you can rest assured that the composition and properties of the bathroom will be enough and up-to-date for longer.

Boy’s Bathroom List

Boys need a bathroom with a great atmosphere and the ability to feel free while they play in the bathrub. The bathroom needs to be safe and have a creative design. Here is the list of the best boys’ bathrooms.

Transitional Bathroom Design

Photo from Houzz

It is important to have cabinets for towels, linens, and other essential storage items boys will need in their bathrooms.

Openings under the sink(s) create the perfect place to store steps that little boys need until they grow taller.

Blue cabinets are one of the best boys bathroom ideas because they will never grow out of style and create a lovely accent wall in the space.

The bathroom design is attractive, and the storage is big enough for towels and other essential things to fit. In addition, the shower cabin is wide enough so your boys can take a shower together.

That Old Barn

Photo from Houzz

Cabinetry can be created with pull-out steps that are hidden when closed.

This concept provides an easy transitional design that grows with your boys and is an attractive feature to future home buyers with growing families searching for homes with cute kid’s bathrooms.

The bathroom also features a creative design and two sinks for both of your boys. Behind the sink, there is a big mirror, but you don’t need to worry about it since it is far enough for your boys to reach it.

Beach Style Bathroom

Photo from Houzz

If your children’s bathroom space is limited, here is a fun idea to make your boys feel it’s a fantastic place for them. Use a neutral gray color as the background to create this fun bathroom with a bright blue vanity. Add bathroom accessories, like wire baskets under the vanity that can be filled with bright-colored towels or bath toys.

Apply boldly designed wallpaper on the ceiling to add interest, gray tiles on the walls, and ceramic floor and shower tiles to add texture to the room.

Consider poster art for the walls that fit your boys’ current interests, then update the art as they grow.

The neutral color of the walls and floor will make it easy to transition the bathroom with the boys into their teen and adult years.

Trendy boys dark wood floor bathroom

Photo from Houzz

Do you have a budding artist or Einstein in your home? Let them draw, color, or perhaps work out their math homework. Create a gallery for their creativity by painting the wall(s) with blackboard paint.

Consider using a white porcelain toilet, pedestal sink, and bathtub/shower with white subway tiles to add light and contrast to the space.

We believe this bathroom is an excellent choice for creative boys looking to spark their creativity even more.

This bathroom may be wrong if you have very active kids since your boys would be even more active while bathing.

Mid-Sized Beach Style Bathroom

Photo from Houzz

Growing boys can share a bathroom with a trough sink. White floor tiles can create the feeling of being at the pool or beach with a black ‘No Diving’ design. Shiplap walls and a long frameless mirror behind the trough sink create an airy feeling to the room.

Use industrial-style lighting and wicker baskets for storage. Complement the design with pool items on the walls as art. Personalized steps can be used for the younger boys.

The only thing you would need to take care of is a slippery floor, but that is only if your boys are very active and like to play while bathing or brushing their teeth. However, this bathroom is a perfect choice if you have boys who like beach and sailors motives.

Bright-Colored Boys Bathroom

Photo by architectureartdesigns.com

Early childhood development experts discuss the importance of bright colors to stimulate little minds.

Consider ways to make the bathroom fun and welcoming for your little guys. Cartoons and animals make great design features, and colorful storage areas help train your child to be tidy. Add personalized towels, accessories, and soft toys to make bath time a happy time.

Your boys will have a great time playing with each other, and as we mentioned before, bright and rainbow-like colors will boost their creativity. However, the bathtub doesn’t have a lot of space, and your boys might not be able to bathe together.

Frog King Boys Bathroom

Photo by Block Builders Group

There are many options to create design elements for your little boy’s bathroom. Painting a giant frog or other fun animals as the focal point on the wall can create a delightful retreat.

Using neutral color palettes on the walls and floors allows the room to be easily updated as your boy(s) grow. Create personalized hampers for their soiled clothes and towels to help them keep their bathroom neat.

The best thing about this bathroom is its symmetrical design. That is important because your boys will not have to argue about choosing their sink, towel, and mirror. In addition, this bathroom is great for kids who like animals and those who watch a lot of cartoons with animal characters.

Duck Inspired Boys Bathroom

Photo by architectureartdesigns.com

Here is one more creative design with animal motives. Just this time, the design features a duck. This duck-themed bathroom is bright and appealing to young boys with its bright blue walls, shower curtain, and rug.

The steps allow access to the sink as your youngster grows. A large wicker basket serves as storage for towels, while another can be used for dirty items.

This bathroom screams playing time, and your boys will demand to play every time they take a bath, wash their hands, or brush their teeth. You must monitor them while playing to ensure they don’t hurt themselves. You might consider this bathroom style since it has many sharp edges.

Monkey Inspired Boys Bathroom

Photo by architectureartdesigns.com

We adore this monkey-like bathroom design. Imagine your child’s excitement every time he enters the jungle!

This design features happy little monkeys on the shower curtain and coordinating rugs. Although small, the room seems to expand with the use of the large mirror above the dual sink vanity.

The vast and nice-looking mirror behind and above the two sinks will ensure your boys have a great time brushing their teeth or washing their hands after an intense playing session.

“Little Bosses” Boys Bathroom

Photo by architectureartdesigns.com

Nothing says bathtime fun more than sharing it with a little brother! This hippopotamus-themed bathroom is created with coordinating design elements. This is our top pick for several different reasons.

From the shower curtain and rugs to the stick-on characters adorning the walls and personalized towels, the boys have a sense of ownership of “their” bathroom.

The bathroom features Earth and Water elements and is great for kids who enjoy animal kingdom motives and cartoons. Your boys will have a great time playing together while feeling like they are in charge of the whole situation.

Bathrooms for Teen Boys

Teen boys need a space that provides a feeling of youthfulness yet has an adult appeal. It is a time of transition for them, and privacy can be significant, too.

Artistic Boys Bathroom

Photo by thespruce.com

Art can do much for a person’s attitude and lift and energize a spirit or create moments of reflection. Bright, bold designs framed in white marble can personalize for your teenage boy.

Use black ceramic tiles and a dark gray cabinet with a modern white toilet, sink, and fixtures to support the design. The industrial lights frame a round encased mirror in this design.

Here is a little piece of advice. Please don’t pick the style for teens who are not into arts since they will feel less confident and not feel like they want to spend time in the bathroom because it doesn’t resonate with their character and personal style.

Twin Sinks Boys Bathroom

Photo by pinterest.com

Twin-white pedestal sinks, a white soaker tub, and a toilet influence this gray and white-themed teen bathroom. White wainscoting draws the eye from the gray floor tiles to the gray wall and framed art prints.

Pewter fixtures are used as accents. Bright yellow is used for the storage stand and striped rug to bring a pop of color to the room. Bath towels and baskets for personal grooming items on the storage stand make access easy.

The symmetrical design will be a perfect choice for territorial boys who like to argue over the preferred side. Don’t pick this style if you have boys who want to fight while bathing. The bathtub is small, and there will be a lot of water on the floor.

Traditional Boys Bathroom

Photo from Houzz

When creating a cool bathroom, you may want to consider adding a waterless urinal. While the room is small, it was designed to fit a pedestal sink in addition to the low-flow toilet.

The room also features a white subway tiled shower with a glass door (not seen in the photo). The walls are tiled to a wainscoting height and painted a pale blue above.

Style-wise the bathroom is an excellent choice for responsible and disciplined teens since it has more of a traditional look. Maybe you should skip this if your teens are more creative and artistically gifted.

Yellow Ceramic Shower Boys Bathroom

Photo by pinterest.com

Yellow is a refreshing color that stimulates the nerves, glands, and brain, and yellow is known to boost memory and encourage communication.

A bright yellow wall and ceramic shower tiles in this teen’s bathroom can be uplifting daily. Use multi-colored towels and art prints to add additional color to the space.

The shower is big enough, and the yellow wall adds to its creative and colorful design. In addition, the shower features a window which adds more to the batting experience.

Wood-Inspired Boys Bathroom

Photo from Houzz

Wood tones and a cabin feel create a bathroom retreat for your teen. A concrete gray tile backsplash extends to the ceiling behind a trough sink.

The rich wood open cabinet design and fixtures make the rustic feel.

The bathroom has a vintage look with a beautifully designed brick wall behind the mirror. The sink is big enough, and your boys will not have to argue over its usage.

Modern Blue Boys Bathroom

Photo by thespruce.com

A mosaic-designed floor tile adds personality to this teen’s bathroom. Using a modern blue floating vanity adds a pop of color to highlight this room.

The large borderless mirror reflects the tiled shower, cabinet, and toilet on the opposite wall.

The only downside is that the floor becomes slippery after a hot shower. Instruct your boys to take care after the room becomes steamy.

Colorful Boys Bathroom

Photo by thespruce.com

If your teen loves color, this design may be perfect for a bathroom design.

The stripes of color above the tub are easily installed using rectangular ceramic tile.

This room uses an orange vanity with bubble-style round tiles in various colors and sizes above as an artful element.

The mirror is framed with rectangular ceramic tile. The room has a rainbow-like design with a mirror reflecting a beautifully designed wall.

Comfortable Shower Boys Bathroom

Photo by manofmany.com

While baths are fun for little guys, most men prefer a shower. Creating a welcoming and comfortable shower in your teen’s bathroom will be necessary, and it should be large enough for them to move around quickly.

The shower is big enough and comfortable. Your teens will experience freedom and move around easily.

Nautical Theme Boys Bathroom

Photo by homedesignlover.com

What do you do if you have boys of different ages sharing a bathroom? It is best to use a neutral background and add color and accessories, as shown here.

While this bathroom uses a nautical theme, you can create a similar feeling of shared space for the boys. A dual vanity offers each a space of their own while offering the needed storage for their individual hygiene needs.

Mirrors above the sink are designed to look like round submarine windows. As mentioned before, if you have teens who like to have their own sinks, this bathroom design is perfect since it is symmetrical.

I Love Basketball Boys Bathroom

Photo by amazon.com

You can create a bathroom theme to match no matter what interest your son(s) may have. Is he a sports fan? A musician? An artist?

Many options are available online and through groups like Pinterest and Etsy that offer personalized art and designs to make your teen’s bathroom unique and special. Consider using team or school colors for walls or tiles.

If your teens are basketball fans, you should consider the design of this bathroom. Custom options like adding their favorite players and teams also come into consideration.


Creating bathroom designs begins with an idea. Choose the layout and storage options, then determine the materials and finishes.

Tile has a versatile range of uses and comes in various colors, patterns, and styles. Countertops in stone, granite, and marble are popular and can also be used in showers.

The finishing touches to your kid’s bathroom design can be the enjoyable part. Choosing the décor can mean everything from a toilet paper holder to mirrors, lights, and fixtures.

Shower curtains, rugs, and towels can change the feeling of the space. Adding elements of art, wastebaskets, and toys can make the room feel personal.

Keep safety foremost in a boy’s bathroom. Use tub mats, faucet covers, and a cover clamp for your toilet (depending on age).

Consider bright colors and unique patterns for a younger boy’s bathroom design, but remember that children outgrow trends quickly, so avoid fads.

Have fun creating your boy’s bathroom!