Custom Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

modern kitchen with center island by AC Remodeling

Add custom cabinets for storage that fits your needs when you remodel your kitchen. Your kitchen is the place where you store an endless array of food and household items. With a custom kitchen remodel, you can design a dedicated space for things like serving pieces, bowls and gadgets in addition to your dishes and silverware. High quality custom cabinetry, walk-in pantries, convenient pull-out drawers and center islands make it easy to prepare for gatherings of family and friends.

Create a spectacular custom designed kitchen with storage tailored to your needs at AC Remodeling, an experienced and reputable custom kitchen design company in the NW Washington, DC area. The in-house design team will help you plan your project and make your dream of a truly modern kitchen a reality. Here are some custom storage ideas for your kitchen remodeling project.

1. Start with Beautiful Cabinetry

Beautiful kitchen cabinetry adds style and custom storage to your kitchen remodeling project. Tall, high quality cabinets are an important element in your kitchen design because they add grandeur to the look of your kitchen while providing a substantial amount of storage space. The best kitchen cabinets feature materials like full wood construction, attractive finishes, and create a timeless design. Look for outstanding workmanship and durable dovetail construction, so the cabinets in your renovated kitchen will hold up to use.

At AC Remodeling we offer different cabinet lines and will offer advice and help you choose the right cabinets to get the look, quality and function you need.

custom dark wood cabinets with large silver refrigerator

2. Choose Pull-Outs for Convenience

If you don’t have the room for a huge walk-in pantry, pull-out shelves in a standard pantry can keep things neat, organized and within easy reach. With pull-out shelves you can easily see all of your stored items so you can keep track and rotate your boxed and canned foods.

custom kitchen with pull-out pantry shelves
custom kitchen with pull-out pantry shelves on either side of oven

Work with your kitchen designer to customize your storage space according to your needs. This kitchen has a handy place to stow items like utensils and spices. Don’t forget to create a useful space for hard-to-store items like baking trays, cutting boards and serving pieces.

custom kitchen with utensil and spice drawers

3. Add a Center Island

custom blue and white kitchen with a fruit bowl on the center island

A  well-designed center island makes a definite statement and adds a welcoming touch to your kitchen. Enjoy a large surface for counter space and additional storage with cabinets or drawers – whatever works best for you. Some people use center island storage as a wine rack. Your new center island is an opportunity to add a personal and attention-drawing touch to your kitchen, to make it stand out.

custom grey and white kitchen

If you love to entertain, a credenza that matches your cabinetry in your custom kitchen will serve many purposes. The surface can be used as a bar or for a casual buffet spread, while the interior is perfect to store items like tablecloths, silverware, and serving pieces.

Designing a Modern Custom Kitchen

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