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Sometimes you need just a bit of color in your kitchen.

Some images were courtesy of: Hozz

White cabinets remain at the top of most people’s kitchen wish lists. But they’re not for everyone. 2018 became the year that some COLOR was included…we’ve seen cabinets in various takes on wood and paint tones to create spaces that range from rich and warm to light and airy. So maybe you have a kitchen renovation in mind for 2019. Here are some ideas you might want to consider when talking to a professional about your new kitchen.

SAGE: The color “Sage” is a soft, cloudy green that is very soothing and is favored in European kitchens. This color is generally paired with copper and a farmhouse sink that creates reflective light to brighten the kitchen

sage color kitchen remodel

NATURAL: There is also a return to natural wood, oak cabinets in a natural stain pairs very well with backsplashes and countertops made from large slabs of marble giving the impression of a weightless palette that enhances sunlight.

To enhance natural lighting kitchens do well with recommended and focused installed LED recessed lights and under-counter lights. Pendant lights over Islands or seating can bring dimension to your entire space and add a point of focus, too.

natural woods shine in the kitchen remodel

LIGHT BLUE: Light blue is one of the most effective colors for creating a bright, neutral look that adds a lot of color without over-powering the natural woods. Plus, warmth goes a long way to making a space feel welcoming, and the rich woods featured here get the job done nicely.

blue adds just a bit of color to a large kitchen remodel

DARKER & BLACK: There are times when black is what makes the statement kitchen perfect, especially if you have high ceilings and a large space. Black cabinets can be offset by natural light and doses of white on the countertops, backsplash, walls and range. Done right with an expansive floor plan, the look comes off as nothing but bright and open.

stunning DARK color kitchen adds depth in this kitchen remodel

GRAYS: The number one color combination for 2019 is Gray… Sophisticated gray cabinets in the kitchen helped improve storage needed for this kitchen. The patterned wood floor, brass, with spot-on symmetry come together to create a near-perfect kitchen.

Gray is the number ONE color for kitchen remodels 2019

What are you planning for your kitchen in 2019? AC Remodeling can help bring your ideas to reality. Call us today for a consultation!

AC Remodeling consistently incorporates the latest trends in our kitchen and bathroom renovations. Whether you’d like to install the latest technology, newest appliances or create a color wall for your kitchn or bath, our team is here to help you with a design that fits your dream. Contact us to learn more!

on November 30, 2018

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