Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

 7 Things You Need To Consider For A Luxury Bath Remodel

For great bathroom remodeling, you need to start with a great design. Great quality 3D renderings offer you a sense of ease on knowing where the project is headed and that it is what you had always dreamed of.
Picture this, you come home after a long hard day and all you want to do is unwind and relax. Wouldn’t you like the idea of having a place to retreat in your own home spa? In this newsletter I am going to tell you about 7 things you need to consider for a luxury bath remodel. The last one being something that most homeowners tend not to have in mind and can affect their remodeling greatly.


When you walk into your luxury bath what will be the first thing you notice? The vanity. Vanities are a major focal point in bathrooms. When remodeling, it is always a good idea to update your vanity. Vanities are great for storage but can also be a statement piece.



Tiles are a perfect way to create the desired look in a bathroom. For a sophisticated, clean look, a marble tile can be perfect. Or to make a statement, you can use a bold and unique porcelain tile. Tiles do not only vary in color and shape, but the pattern of how they are placed can add visual interest as well.
Choosing the right tile for your bathroom project can be key to bring together the aesthetics of the room.


Floors are vital to a good remodel; the floor is spacious and can attract the eye. The floor you choose can help set the style of the space. Large tiles, aligned in the right direction can, in fact, make a bathroom space feel larger. One feature to consider in bathroom floors is a tile that is good at retaining heat or maybe even consider installing heated floors.


The best color recommendations to add into your bath are gray tones, earthy colors, and whites. Earth tonalities are perfect for a luxury bath because they do not distract from any other feature in your bath, but at the same time bring a calm feeling into the room.

Free Standing Tubs

If you are looking to relax in your bathroom, and have space, a free-standing tub could be the right choice for you. Having a tub in the bath is a huge luxury element that is both pleasing to the eye and to use. They are perfect for a getaway type of feeling that you get at spas.

Walk-in Shower

A spacious, well-designed walk-in shower can be more practical than a tub. A good designer will incorporate nooks and niches in your shower for soaps and shampoos, as well as shower benches to accommodate anyone’s needs.
Another detail to consider is who uses the bathroom and their height. We custom the placement of the faucet and shower head so it is convenient for the users.
The best shower enclosures are frameless glass enclosures. They can be custom made to fit any space and help give the illusion of more space in smaller bathrooms as well as show beautiful tile designs.

Powerful Shower Experience

How would you feel once your dream bathroom is finally completed and then you go to take a shower, or a bath and the shower pressure is not what you expected?
Powerful valves are a great necessity for a wonderful shower experience.
Valves can make a difference between a nice shower experience vs a normal and boring one. We always recommend to install thermostatic valves, which prevents dangerously high output temperatures; the sensor will effectively shut down the flow of hot water to prevent scalding.
Some features to consider in your shower are: Rainfall shower-heads, handheld massaging sprays, and multiple body sprays to turn your shower into a luxurious shower experience.

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