by Mark Wright


Fashions in clothing change from season to season, but smart kitchen remodeling designs can keep your kitchen looking fresh and welcoming for years to come. If you’re not sure where to start when thinking about a kitchen renovation, make it easy on yourself and begin with the Three C’s: colors, cabinets and cleaning.



One of the simplest steps toward a timeless kitchen design in NW Washington DC is choosing a neutral color. Neutral colors come in a wide range: cool to warm, highly light-reflective to more earthy tones.

Ideally, your kitchen colors should blend seamlessly with adjoining rooms in your home, providing pleasing visual transitions as you move from your kitchen to your living room, dining room or adjoining hallways.

Think of your kitchen’s colors in two layers: a base layer that serves as the dominant color throughout the room, and an accent layer that brings in those touches of color that tailor the kitchen to your personality and design preferences.

And remember: The materials you choose to convey those colors will determine how easy or difficult they are to change in the event you ever feel like refreshing your kitchen’s look. Think of tile and other hardscape materials — on walls, backsplashes and floors — as literally set in stone. Paint, on the other hand, is far simpler to swap in and out to change up your color scheme.



Convenient storage is a must in a modern kitchen, with cabinets arranged for quick access to your most-used items. The capacity of your cabinetry is also important, with the right mix of sizes, from tall closets to under-counter heavy-duty trash and recycling holders, to shallow pull-out drawers holding those big stirring spoons you use at nearly every meal. Being realistic today about the storage you need will ensure that your kitchen gives you all the practical day-to-day (and night-to-night) utility you need from it far into the future.


In addition to their size and arrangement, choosing the right material and finish for your cabinets will serve to complement the other colors in your kitchen. Generally speaking, lighter hues mean brighter kitchens. If you prefer darker cabinetry, you might need to use stronger lighting, bigger windows or skylights to balance the room’s light and dark areas.


The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a typical home. Everyone’s path leads through the kitchen at some point during the day or night, usually multiple times. From casual family meals, to kids doing their homework at the kitchen table or breakfast bar, the kitchen can need cleaning far more often than other rooms that get less foot traffic.


That’s why modern kitchen design needs to make cleaning a simple and straightforward process. Cleaning supplies need to be kept out of sight but close at hand in their own closet or drawer. Surfaces need to be easily accessible, from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, including countertops, tables, islands and shelves.

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