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At AC Remodeling, we love helping our customers live better by incorporating modern technologies into their kitchen and bathroom renovations. And with so many smart home innovations on the market today, it only makes sense to incorporate some of these convenient, eco-friendly devices into your home remodeling projects.

In this article, we’ll discuss our favorite smart home devices to help the planet and make your kitchen or bathroom more convenient and luxurious.

Top Technologies to Make Your Home More Convenient & Luxurious

While some smart home devices are designed with eco-friendliness in mind, many of today’s intelligent devices are also designed to increase your comfort and make your home feel more convenient or luxurious.

Smart Technology to Make Your Remodeled Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Most people are looking for a little luxury when they embark on a bathroom remodeling project, and modern technology has an array of options to help with that dream. One of our favorite smart devices is the toilet with a built-in LED nightlight to help you navigate the bathroom without disturbing your sleep. Other smart toilets incorporate not only lighting but heated seats, bidets, self-cleaning technology, and even motion sensors to raise or lower the toilet seat for you. We all use the bathroom, so why not make it more convenient and even fun?

If you prefer using smart technology for a more powerful bathroom, there are also smart devices that can help your bathroom perform better, too. Powerful bathroom options include toilets that allow you to select how much water is used for each flush and/or touchless technology for the ultimate good hygiene:

Of course, luxury doesn’t end with your toilet. Touchless digital faucets can give you the water temperature you desire with the flick of a wrist. Digital faucets can be programmed to run your shower or sink for an allotted period of time for bathing or brushing teeth, too. And powerful thermostatic temperature control valves like this Moen with 4.5 GPM and this Hansgrohe with 8 GPM make for an ideal shower set up, creating the spa-like environment you desire.

Towel warmers, refrigerated cabinets to keep medicine cool, and wireless speakers for music are additional touches that can bring your dream custom bathroom to life.

Smart Devices for Convenience in the Kitchen

When you embark on a kitchen remodeling project, one of the first things you should think about are new appliances. Today’s refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers are all available with energy saving options to increase the efficiency of your home and eliminate waste for a greener environment. “Energy Star” appliances use 10-50% less energy than traditional appliances, making them both cost-effective and eco-friendly for homeowners.

To take your smart home one step further, consider incorporating iPads and other smart devices into your kitchen remodeling project. This can be an excellent way to give you access to recipes, conversion rates, and calculators where you need them most. But smart kitchens can include so much more. Some of our favorite kitchen remodeling projects have incorporated:

  • Innovative Refrigerators: Some feature a front-door panel that allows you to record notes and lists, while others go so far as to have an internal camera and integrated app so that you can see what you have on hand from anywhere. If being able to “see” the contents of your refrigerator from the sofa sounds like your idea of luxury, one of these might be perfect for your home.
  • Bluetooth Speakers & Entertainment: Enjoy music or television while you cook when you incorporate wireless speakers and built-in screens into your custom kitchen.
  • Smart Ovens: Control cooking time and temperature from an app on your smartphone with a connected oven.

Smart Devices for Convenience & Performance Throughout the Home

One of the best ways to optimize your energy usage and improve your comfort is to employ a smart thermostat. Nest is probably the most popular brand, but Honeywell, Hive, Ecobee, and others also produce thermostats that limit wasteful heating and cooling and ensure that your home is a comfortable temperature all year long.

Smart thermostats learn your routine and keep the temperature comfortable when your family is at home while adjusting to a lower or higher seasonal temperature when the house is empty. In addition, some more advanced smart home devices control temperature but also monitor important things like home security and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Others, like switches that include sensors for motion and dimming will keep you from leaving lights on when you don’t need them, lower the lighting level for early-morning bathroom trips, and automatically turn on fans as well as lighting when you enter a room.

All of these features from lighting to thermostats to bathroom technology make for a smarter, greener home and can help keep your family safe. At AC Remodeling, we specialize in integrating these effective devices into our remodeling projects.

Whether you’re looking to optimize performance or make your home a more convenient place to live, we’re happy to help plan your remodeling project around the devices that will bring out the very best in your home. Take a look at our work or schedule a consultation today to learn more about the AC Remodeling process.

on May 23 2017

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