Custom Kitchen Design with Smart Home Features

by Sharon Penn


A stylish custom kitchen remodel with a pop of color and the latest home automation features.

Today’s kitchen is a bright, comfortable and airy space in the heart of the home. The best designs for kitchen remodeling in Rockville, MD include features like, oversized windows, center islands and cozy nooks for casual dining. Some kitchens are large enough for a comfortable seating area. When you plan your new custom kitchen, find out about high tech smart home automation services that can make your life easier.

According to Remodeling Magazine, a renovated kitchen with quality cabinets, plenty of countertops, beautiful flooring, and energy-efficient appliances is likely to bring in a good return on your investment when it’s time to sell. AC Remodeling Inc. in the NW Washington DC area has an in-house custom kitchen design team that will produce a detailed 3-D rendering to make your dream kitchen come to life.

Exciting Custom Kitchen Remodeling Designs

Kitchen designs that integrate the kitchen with the rest of the house are trending. Hardwood and wood-look flooring helps unite the kitchen with your home decor. A seating area becomes the perfect spot to help the kids with homework, gather for a quick snack, and spend quality time with a friend. Your professional remodeling contractor will pay close attention to lighting solutions and make recommendations like large windows that admit natural light as well as stylish pendants, fixtures, and recessed lighting. Extended breakfast bars and center islands make serving a casual buffet meal easy.




Custom Kitchens with Eye-Catching Countertops


Food prepping zones are essential for your remodeled kitchen, and striking countertop materials can make them a focal point in the room. Your custom kitchen contractor can offer ideas that add luxury to your home. In recent years, quartz countertops have become the number one favorite because of their versatility, beauty and low maintenance. Look at high end options like Quartzite, good quality granite, traditional tile for a trendy farmhouse look and concrete for edgy industrial chic. Count on your kitchen designer to give you the information you need to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Advanced Technology in the Kitchen



Technology is advancing at lightning speed. Recent changes provide faster transfer of data between networks and more sophisticated applications. That means you can choose user-friendly smart home automation as well as convenient devices like a toe kick motion sensor under cabinet light and a touchless motion sense faucet. Look for automated security systems, lighting, and thermostats.

Energy-efficient smart appliances are trending for today’s remodeled custom kitchens. Smart ovens connect you from remote locations to control cooking time and temperature from an app on your smartphone. For the ultimate in convenience, smart refrigerators allow you to see what’s inside and add to your shopping list by touchscreen or voice command. Keep recipes and view food preparation videos, track expiration dates, and shop online directly from your refrigerator. You can also stream music, browse the Internet and see who’s at your front door by connecting to your video doorbell.

Creating your Custom Remodeled Kitchen


Homeowners living in the NW Washington DC area can take advantage of the kitchen, basement, and bath renovations by family-owned A+ Rated AC Remodeling. Ask about the latest in home automation.

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