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Have you been longing for a master bath with amenities on par with those at your favorite spa? If you are planning a renovation of your master bath you might want to get some the ideas you had included.

The Tub

A free-standing sculptural soaking tub is a big start to your transformation. Soaking tubs are the rage now. They are deep, but not noisy like a Jacuzzi. This is the perfect element to relax and unwind after a long day's work. If you want jets you can get high tech features that include custom height water jets for stress and muscular therapy.

The Lighting

Lighting is very important in your bathroom. You’ll want good light for your make-up and shaving area at your sink, but that light can be a little harsh if you want to relax. You might want to consider LED soft white lighting for the whole bathroom and for a real luxury option you could have a chandelier that dazzles overhead of your soaking tub; creating a luxe space.

A Spa Shower

A soaking tub is wonderful, but sometimes you may just want a relaxing stimulating shower. AC Remodeling designs beautiful spa-like showers that offer stone like flooring with stunning shower backsplashes sets off the modern style. They have walk-in frameless glass shower showcasing a soothing rain shower head or water jets front and back with room for two and can also have shower seating for steam. Just relax and shower the stress and tired muscles away.

Create New Storage Space

Bathrooms always seem to be cluttered with makeup, toiletries and hair products. Creating a relaxing spa means cutting clutter, too. Consider your cabinets; are they designed with roll-out shelves? This is an easy way to plan storage for makeup, toiletries and hair products that allows you to get to what you need without having to store under a sink. AC Remodeling has designed many bathrooms with this type of convenience.

Pick a Calming Paint Color

Now that you have planned for your spa bathroom you want to be sure to set the tone for your at-home spa by choosing neutral colors such as white, beige or blue to create a soothing and welcoming environment. AC Remodeling will help with color samples paint, tile, and flooring. They can design a style that suits your taste and needs.

Once You’re Finished, then…

Add a touch of nature; incorporate houseplants and flowers into your bathroom to help create a healthy environment and add life to the room. Indoor plants are an easy and effective way to turn your bathroom into a more comfortable and tranquil setting. Try filling a vase with fresh flowers, hanging a potted plant from the ceiling or setting potted plants around the bathroom to embrace natural elements. Aromatherapy adds the final touch to your home spa experience by evoking emotions, boosting relaxation, and relieving stress. You can use scented candles like lavender, jasmine or vanilla for a calming effect and relaxing atmosphere.

AC Remodeling consistently incorporates the latest spa trends in our bathroom renovations. Whether you’d like to install the latest free-standing tub, incorporate distinct tiles, and/or use a bi-color design, our team is here to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us to learn more!

on September 30, 2018

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