Stunning Custom Kitchen Renovations

by Sharon Penn

Large windows that capture natural light, beautiful countertops, and a splash of color make this custom kitchen renovation outstanding. 

Create a modern custom kitchen that is a welcoming space right in the heart of your home. Today’s bright and airy kitchens offer casual seating areas and the latest technology for energy-efficiency and convenience. Expansive counter space for food prepping, taller cabinets, and advanced appliances with smart home automation services are hallmarks of the best custom kitchens.

The experienced team at AC Remodeling in the NW Washington DC area will meet with you to find out your needs and make recommendations for your dream kitchen. Whether you love the comfort of the trendy farmhouse style, timeless traditional styling, the minimalistic lines of a contemporary kitchen, or the edgy industrial look, our designers will guide you in making it happen.

The Finest Materials

The neutral color palette now trending forms the basis of contemporary design in modern kitchens.
AC Remodeling offers virtual design consultations to make sure your custom kitchen incorporates all the conveniences you envision. Contact us and we will answer your questions about your new custom kitchen. We evaluate your space and work with you to come up with a functional, beautiful, and timeless kitchen design.

High-quality flooring, beautiful countertops, and backsplash tiling make custom kitchens attractive and enduring.
Start by browsing through kitchen renovation pictures to get some ideas. Then allow the experienced designers at AC Remodeling to recommend suppliers for the best result. They will set the appointments and accompany you to help you choose the right tiling, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and lighting. Our kitchen remodeling experts will help you create a pleasing color scheme that will stand the test of time, whether you love the popular soft gray and white color palette or if you are ready to add a splash of color. 

Exciting Home Automation Appliances

Today’s home automation features are nothing short of amazing, and energy-efficient smart appliances offer features that were unheard of just a few short years ago. Learn about the latest home automation services that can make your custom kitchen convenient and exceptional. Smart refrigerators let you see inside so you can create a shopping list, either by voice command or by using the touchscreen. Track expiration dates and shop online directly from your smart refrigerator. 

Technologically advanced smart appliances can store your recipes and provide videos to help you prepare healthy meals. You can choose an energy-efficient smart oven that allows you to control the temperature and cooking time from remote locations directly from an app on your smartphone.

Additional Kitchen Home Automation Services

Now that you will be spending more time in your newly renovated kitchen, consider other home automation features that add to your experience. Some appliances allow you to stream music, surf the web, and connect to your video doorbell so you can see who is at the door. Activate a light under the cabinets with a toe kick motion sensor and opt for a touchless motion sense faucet. Automated security systems, lighting and thermostats are also available.

Custom Kitchen Design with Automation in NW Washington, DC

AC Remodeling is an A+ rated, experienced Design-Build contracting company serving the NW Washington DC and Rockville area. Our design team can help you create a custom kitchen with the latest home automation features and create a realistic 3D rendering of the design so you can visualize your finished custom kitchen. We are proud to offer bath and basement remodeling services that reflect the newest trends. For further information about a custom kitchen renovation for your home, visit  

At AC Remodeling, we make your dream project come to life stress free.

Possibilities are endless in creating the custom kitchen you’ve always wanted…

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