The Best New Kitchen Trends For 2021

Warm wood cabinets offset the white countertops, backsplash, and tiling in this newly renovated custom kitchen. 

Kitchens have changed dramatically over the years, and they continue to evolve. When you plan your custom kitchen remodeling project you will want to include some of the latest trends for a modern look. It is a good idea to focus on a modern and timeless kitchen design that is perfect for your lifestyle so you will enjoy your new kitchen for years to come.  

Exciting home automation features are now making their way into today’s modern kitchens. Warmer touches like texture and color soften white elements and sleek, contemporary lines. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen in the NW Washington DC area, A+ rated AC Remodeling can introduce you to the latest kitchen renovation and home automation trends.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Today’s open concept kitchens featuring a neutral color palette and flat-panel cabinetry are incorporated into the rest of the home. Here a counter height peninsula welcomes family members for a casual meal while also providing a large food preparation workspace.
The peninsula surface can serve as a buffet when guests come to visit. Choose engineered stone such as quartz for a modern feeling. Note the warm tone of the wood floor and the soft gray walls that balance the white cabinets and trim.

Smart Kitchen Automation in NW Washington DC

The professionals at AC Remodeling are home automation experts. With advanced home automation technology, you can control household elements with a push of a button. Take advantage of today’s innovative technology and incorporate the latest home automation features into your kitchen. 

From simple touch-free soap dispensers to combo ovens with air fryers, kitchen automation is the way to go for a truly convenient custom kitchen. Smart refrigerators connect to your Wi-Fi network and integrate with your other smart devices such as your video doorbell. Keep track of items you need, create a shopping list with a built-in touchscreen or by voice command, and shop online directly from your refrigerator. 

Integrate Natural Light

When you plan your kitchen renovation, make the most of natural and artificial light to give your kitchen an open and airy vibe. Bring the outside in with a window over the sink and turn a dinette window into a glass door with a view of outdoor greenery.
Be sure to add enough recessed lighting to the ceiling to enhance your natural light. Lighting under the cabinets brings drama as well as function to your countertops and adding stylish pendant lights will give your kitchen a decorative touch.

Features to Fit your Lifestyle

A cozy nook with oversized windows is the perfect spot to take a break from the home office and catch up with the world when you are working from home. Imagine sharing a quick breakfast with the family before work and sitting down with the kids for a snack after school hours. The accent wall above features a blue tone and a herringbone pattern to add a pop of color to the neutral walls and tile flooring. 

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in NW Washington DC

When you are ready to begin your custom kitchen remodeling project, contact AC Remodeling contractors to learn about the latest kitchen trends. AC Remodeling provides home remodeling and home automation services in the NW Washington DC area. AC Remodeling is featured in the Redfin article, Experts Weigh In on the Top Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2021.

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