Home Remodeling in Washington, DC

For those who like to live in perfection, AC Remodeling is your top choice for whole-home remodeling in Washington, DC. Each project we complete is a testament to our dedication to beautifying homes.

If you’re looking for innovative kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and sophisticated basements, you’re in the right place.

Whole Home Remodeling Services in Washington, DC

We provide a full spectrum of home remodeling services that cover every aspect of your remodeling project.

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary, a place where style meets function in perfect harmony. We modernize bathrooms by incorporating contemporary designs, high-quality materials, and the latest in comfort and convenience features.

The kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it's the heart of your home. Our approach to kitchen remodeling combines functionality with personal style, transforming this central space into an area that caters to your culinary activities.

Whether you envision a cozy family room, a home theater, a personal gym, or an additional bedroom, we can transform your basement into a vibrant and functional part of your home.


Mudrooms serve as the functional bridge between your home's interior and the outside world. By optimizing storage and maintaining design coherence with the rest of your home, we create mudrooms that are practical, stylish, and welcoming.

Our Approach to Home Remodeling Projects

At AC Remodeling, we understand the importance of your home remodeling project, and our client-centric methodology makes sure that every aspect of the process is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

A cozy common area in the basement, furnished with a comfortable couch and a well-equipped refreshment area

Tailored Work in Phases to Suit Your Schedule

Recognizing our clients' unique needs, we structure our remodeling projects in phases. This phased approach allows us to work seamlessly within your schedule so that progress is made without overwhelming you.


Minimal Disruption to Your Daily Routine

With careful planning and communication, we strive to make your renovation experience as discreet and comfortable as possible. Our commitment to efficiency and organization plays a crucial role in this, as we coordinate our tasks and timelines to fit neatly into your household's rhythm. Our meticulous orchestration ensures that each work day is productive yet discreet, moving us closer to completing your dream home without the chaos typically associated with remodeling projects.

Basement Laundry Remodeling - Silver Spring, maryland

Maintaining Clean Workspaces Throughout the Project

By implementing stringent cleanliness protocols, we minimize dust and debris so that your living environment is respected and preserved throughout the project.

Transforming Houses into Homes in Washington, DC

Schedule a design consultation with us today, and let's discuss how we can bring your home remodeling vision in Washington, DC, to life. Your ideal home is within reach—let's make it happen together.

Making a Move to the DC Metro Area?

For those new to the DC Metro Area or considering a change, remodeling can make the transition seamless. By choosing to remodel, you integrate your lifestyle and preferences into your new or current home, making the move smoother and more satisfying.

Find a Design-Build Company in Washington DC

The key to a successful remodeling project is to partner with a reliable design-build company. With our deep understanding of the unique architectural styles and homeowner expectations in the DC Metro Area, we're here to turn your remodeling dreams into reality.

Relocating Laundry Rooms to Crafting Custom Office Spaces

Whether moving a laundry room for better accessibility or creating a bespoke office space for work-from-home efficiency, our team has the expertise to reconfigure your home to suit your lifestyle perfectly.

Opening Up the Floorplan for a Breath of Fresh Air

Modern living calls for open, airy spaces. By removing unnecessary walls and reimagining your living space, we create welcoming and visually expansive environments.

Common Issues in Older Washington DC Homes

Older homes in Washington are full of character and history but often come with challenges.

cast iron pipe Plumbing Material Common in Older Homes

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron plumbing, standard in homes built before the 1970s, is prone to corrosion and blockages. Homeowners can tackle this by regularly inspecting for signs of deterioration, such as slow drainage or leaks. In some cases, replacing old cast iron with PVC or other modern materials may be the best long-term solution.

old floor

Old Layered Flooring

Many older homes have floors that have been covered by multiple layers of additional flooring over the years. Removing these layers can reveal hidden hardwood treasures or, at times, rotted subfloors, mold, or other damage. It’s essential to assess the condition of the original flooring and determine whether restoration or replacement is the most viable option.

Water Damage Below Flooring, Risk of Structural Issues

Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Washington, DC, homeowners should be vigilant about monitoring for signs of leaks, such as unexplained increases in water bills, musty odors, or stains on walls and ceilings. Early detection and repair are key to preventing more serious issues.

Asbestos Hazard: Fibrous Mineral Material Used in Construction, Health Risk


Asbestos was commonly used in building materials until the late 1970s and can pose health risks if disturbed. If you suspect your home contains asbestos, it’s crucial to have it professionally assessed and, if necessary, removed by certified specialists.

Damaged and Moldy Subfloor in Need of Replacement

Rotten or Moldy Subfloors

Moisture issues can lead to rotten or moldy subfloors, a problem often hidden until flooring is removed. Addressing the source of moisture, replacing damaged sections of the subfloor, and ensuring proper ventilation are critical steps in remedying this issue and preventing future occurrences.