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With home automation, you control how and when your smart devices behave. With your smartphone or voice control, you set the schedule to turn the lights on when you arrive, or you can lock the doors and activate the security system when you leave. You can control the thermostat and much more.

Automate your entire Maryland home based on your personal preferences. Home automation has been around for a while, with lighting and voice-controlled speakers. Now, Smart Home Hubs allow you to connect it all together.


Home automation also provides security, safeguarding your family and property. You can position security cameras to watch every entryway or other vulnerable area. You can even have a water-leak detector that will alert you to a possible costly leak. An automated home keeps a watchful eye on your property so you can quickly react to potential problems. Security systems are designed to notify you of an intruder on your property and can even call the police or allow you to scare the intruder away.

Once you set your personal preferences, you can sit back and enjoy your home knowing you’re protected and supported by the latest in home automation technology. AC Remodeling can help you select the best products to meet your needs.

If you have questions about a particular product, please make sure you ask our representative during the design consultation. AC Remodeling will install the devices according to your preference, and we’re equally proficient with Apple iOS, Android, Amazon, and Google.


Today’s appliances are being designed to help you save time and energy. They work more efficiently and eliminate waste for a greener environment. When you are looking to remodel your kitchen and bathroom, make sure you look for products that are marked “Energy Star.” Those appliances save 10-15% on your energy usage. All refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers are available with energy-saving options, and some refrigerators have other features that allow you to record notes or lists, and even have cameras to see inside your refrigerator. You can even be connected with your OVEN. Smart ovens control cooking time and temperature from an app on your smartphone. Read more in our Idea Room Article

Many of today’s intelligent devices are also designed to increase your comfort and make your bathroom feel more convenient and luxurious at the same time. For example, there are smart devices for toilets that turn on a built-in LED nightlight to help you navigate the bathroom, then turn it off when you’re done to prevent the light from disturbing your sleep. Other smart toilets incorporate not only lighting but heated seats, bidets, self-cleaning technology, and even motion sensors to raise or lower the toilet seat for you. There are products that will save water and are touchless as well for the ultimate in good hygiene. And for real luxury, there are towel warmers that work only when you enter the bathroom. We all use the bathroom, so why not make it more convenient and in some cases safer? Read more in our Idea Room Article.

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